Friday, February 11, 2011

Maui update

Today we were both a bit tired so we ended up sleeping in until 8am despite our best efforts to get up and go out hiking before all the tourists took to the road. We eventually headed up into the Valley to see how the original inhabitants of Maui lived. We hiked another..........several hundred steps...uphill, and a lot of land to see waterfalls, and beautiful streams. The natural habitat of this island leaves me speechless. Mike and I are not for the resort living in Maui so our trip has been very demanding, but oh so rewarding. We have hiked all over Maui, and seen sites that many people will never even imagine seeing. 

We took a trip to the expensive resorts/homes today and I marveled at the fact that people have money they can just throw away. I have been marveling at a unique tiny pink sapphire starfish necklace that is $400. That is a lot of money in my world and can pay for a phone bill.  These people in these homes would think my little starfish could take care of their diamond fish that sweeps their balconies...haha!!! Yet, while we were driving through these expensive homes and resorts I couldn't help but feel so lucky. I proved that point while we were hanging outside a nice sushi restaurant tonight...........(which by the way Maui has the best Sushi EVER!). We met this nice young couple who was staying a beautiful resort but they had little to talk about. We were rather bored by their talk of materialistic items. Luckily we met an amazing couple at our table inside the restaurant. They were great at conversation and when  they heard our sons name was "Jude", they both perked up. "Nicky" was a huge Beatles fan and even shared her beautiful family photo's that concentrated on a Beatles theme. I loved seeing her family, and listening to her stories, although I am sure our big Texas mouths monopolized the conversation. My accent is TERRIBLE here, and I assure everyone I just sound stupid, but am rather educated.

Maui has taught me to rest. Everyone here (except at the resorts) have little regard to a fancy lifestyle and they just makes ends meet. Many live off the land, I am not sure I could but I love watching everyone in their brave journey. Tonight we came home to a lizard in our bed, and a snail in our bathroom......but's not Texas so there isn't a rattlesnake waiting on me. No, there are mongoose galore in Maui so there are no snakes. There are beautiful garden spiders, and tons of mosquito's, but no snakes or poisonous predators..........except maybe that gray shark in the harbor. Tomorrow we go on a boat ride to search for whales and dolphins. I am so excited!!

It all sounds amazing, but you know what Maui has taught me............I miss my kids. I miss them very much...........every bit of them. I miss Jude waking up at night, and Em asking me to take her to a ton of things regarding her school. I am so blessed.

Here is a beautiful fall in Hana

This was a dessert that  Mike got from a hole in the wall awesome place that has a French Chef.

We hiked a ways to see this fall, but it was so worth it.


The Henrys said...

Beautiful pictures! I am so glad to hear that you are having a great time!

Katy said...

Glad you guys are enjoying your vacation!

jocalyn said...

sounds wonderful. enjoy.