Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A little cold

It's another frigid day in Texas! My boss said we would play it by ear today, but I was not able to make it. Mike ventured out to get diapers for Jude and said the back roads are terrible, but the highway is pretty clear. So I will be going to work tomorrow and I am ready to get back. I have a lot to do before I (hopefully) leave on vacation.

Jude was up A LOT last night. He would never open his eyes, but would whimper and cry. He just didn't seem to be comfortable at all. This morning he settled down about 9am and slept until 1pm. Mike is worried that Jude sounds a bit congested. We are really missing our nurse right now and we are ready for this ice to go away.

Due to this weather we are extending the raffle drawing until Friday. We don't have all our stubs in from everyone yet.  We aren't going to reach our $2000 goal with the raffle but we will be close.  Emily's school is requesting to do her next Smile Box party which will be great. It will save us the rental fee for the room and the kids will do an incredible job. Emily wants to inspire other kids to get active in community service so this is a huge step in accomplishing that.  

It has been nice to relax a bit for awhile and love on my kiddo's.  We are having what they refer to as rolling black outs. Our power shuts off for about fifteen minutes at a time to insure that our grids are not overloaded thus causing a massive blackout. It's an interesting concept and something I haven't experienced before.

Everyone be safe, and stay warm!

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