Friday, February 25, 2011

Can I get a hooray for sleep???

Last night started off really bad, but ended up alright. When I got home Mike was in the worst mood because Jude had just thrown up ..... again. Mike had left Jude shirtless laying on his blankie just in case he threw up again. I walked over to Jude and got the biggest smile, but Mike was near tears, and I felt terrible. He sat down on the couch put his head on his hands, and said "I just cannot do this anymore". I know he didn't really mean it, but I understood his exhausted words that were pouring out of his mouth. He explained that he could see why some people are just incapable of handling special needs kids, and why they end up in homes. Let me stress he was NOT talking about Jude, he will always be with us. He was just referencing how judgemental we used to be, and how he can now see why some personalities just cannot do it. Jude was really good the rest of the night, but was grinding his teeth a lot which means he is teething for sure. SO at bed time we gave him some medicine, and his melatonin......and he only woke up TWICE! I slept for probably six hours last night, and I feel PHENOMENAL!

I appreciate all the advice I have gotten recently. We are setting up an appointment with a pulmonologist and an allergist to see about a milk aversion. We also talked to his GI specialist about the possible emptying problem, but he and our nurse highly doubt that. We really think the throwing up is an issue with Jude's inability to swallow mucus.

On a great note Emily's UIL one act play of Alice in Wonderland was one of the the top two plays chosen to move on to regionals on Saturday. She was also chosen as one of the top performers of the day. I am very proud of her!! I found a place in Grapevine that teaches acting and puts on plays at the palace theater in Grapevine. I am hoping I will be able to enroll her in their summer camp. I think she would really enjoy it.

Also, all I asked for on my birthday was a Red Velvet nothing bundt cake. Well today I came back from lunch and my boss had gotten 8 individual ones!!! We all got one in the office, and he sent me home with extras for me and the family. Jenn was even nice enough to light the top, so cute! I am blessed with a good place to work.


x o x o u i said...

I love that there is a Scentsy warmer in the background!! LOL!

Ian & Ruby said...

I am glad that you got some sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things to deal with - it is a form of torture. And to have to deal with all you and Mike have to on top of lack of sleep - it is no wonder he is struggling. I hope that some of the things you are researching will help Jude (and you). I hope that Mike will be able to get a job soon. If you could have a nurse care for Jude, and Mike could be out working, it would be so much better - especially for Mike. Having to cope with the special needs of a child as part of a job (where you go home, eat, sleep, play) as opposed to it being a 24/7 role, even if there are times you are 'off duty' is no comparison. I know that in our case, the constant being 'on call' has taken a huge toll on our whole family. (Our 8 year old is in palliative care, with a terminal diagnosis. Thankfully, she does not vomit.) I have found (as I am sure you have) that having a break from that constant caring is vital to keeping sane, healthy and coping. I am sure that you going to work each day makes it easier to be with Jude when you come home. It is not about whether or not you love your child. It is obvious that both you and Mike adore your son. But we all need a break from the constancy of our roles. I hope that there is some solution for your family; both for Jude, as I am sure that the constant vomiting is upsetting to him as well, and is not good for his health, as it is for Mike. Your pride in your daughter and her achievements is obvious. She and Jude are indeed precious.