Monday, February 14, 2011

Back from vacay

I have tried to update all day, but I have been so busy at work. We had a FABULOUS time in Maui. I honestly fell even more in love with my husband. We really didn't schedule anything until the last day so we could just relax. We went on hikes, went on walks, and explored parts of the island that most people don't go. We saved our money for our food so we could eat very well, and only went on one tour that ended up being FABULOUS.

Jude did well overall while we were away, but I know it was stressful for my aunt. She said when she left she just stopped and took a breath for a moment. She then said she cannot imagine the responsibility we feel all the time. It's true, but he is our son, so we do all we can for him. She did too, and was just amazing with the kids. Both my aunts were great, and my cousin kept bringing them food while they were at my house which was so nice.

Jude was having a hard time with his coughing again yesterday and ended up throwing up a lot. Mike put a call into the doctor today about the cough assist machine that was suggested to us. We plan to pursue that device to try to help him breathe a bit better.

Here are a few pictures before I run back to work. I will update with more throughout the week. A big thanks again to everyone that helped get us on this trip. Getting sleep was amazing! Oh and if you don't follow me on facebook...........we flew home with Steven Tyler, and I for once in my life.....was speechless.... bad timing SIGH!

Our studio where we stayed

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