Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday update take two

So the good news is that since 11am Jude is FEVER free!!! Now let's hope he keeps this up. We established the fact that Jude is really sick. However, our goal with Jude is a little different than a normal stay for most people. Our goal is to get Jude home to let him finish getting well there. Hospitals carry a lot of bad germs that could be lethal for Jude so the less of a stay the better! The doctor's know that Jude has two great nurses at home and us.......nursing degrees via! However, we also don't want him to go home to soon and Jude get even worse. That could have a very bad outcome. Overall we are doing well. I am pretty stressed about work and being here for Jude. It's a hard delicate balance.

It's Sunday and even though I love the Cowboys, Mike is overloading me with football. I pried my lap top away from him long enough to blog. He seriously has the TV, his phone, and my lap top going with games and fantasy football. So mom here is rather bored. So here is a tour of Jude's hotel de la Cook's!

Here is the entry to his room letting you know he is in isolation and you have to check in first (don't let that scare you he frequents these rooms when he is here)
Here is where you need to put your gloves and gowns on to see Jude.

Here is Jude snoozing comfortably in his bed.
and this is where mom hasn't been made yet.
 This afternoon we had a church group stop by that were friends of friends. They were SO nice! They brought us lunch, money for the cafeteria, and are even bringing food to our house for Emily. I was so touched!

We will be watching Jude throughout the day to see if the fever starts coming back. Our hope is that it doesn't and we can go 48 hours fever free. If that's the case we can take him home to let him finish recovering there. The doctor said to tell his pediatrician not to do a chest X ray because it takes a really long time for this illness to fully heal. I am very grateful that Jude is looking a bit better and I hope he only continues to heal. This illness does make his immune system weaker so we will be watching him close at home.

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