Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's update!

Well it was an interesting night Mike said. Jude's fever did spike again like we had said. Then his pulse ox dropped to 85 during the night so they did have to put oxygen on Jude. However, he was back at room oxygen this morning. The doctor came in and said he wasn't overly concerned about the fever since it was only at 100.5. However, I wonder how high it would have gotten if they had not been monitoring it and given him Motrin. The doctor did order a repeat chest X Ray today to see if the effusion is contained, bigger, or the same. He said even if it does come back that it's grown they can handle it. We also want to make sure he isn't aspirating on the additional throw up from last night.

The good news is Jude is 12 hours into his 48 hour testing again for no fever. We can pray that he continues no fever and we can take him home. However, I do worry about that too! I get a little panicked thinking about something going wrong at home.

Here is a picture Mike sent. Poor punkin looks so pale, but I am sure he will be up smiling again soon some time today! Even sick he is always a happy boy.

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