Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jude's update from Cook's

So last night when I got home Jude had been sleeping for several hours. I took his temp again but it only registered 96.2. When he woke up he did smile some but I noticed he was looking pale again.  We all went to sleep only to wake to Jude vomiting and a 103.3 fever. At that point we just packed him up and went back to the ER after giving a dose of Motrin. By the time we got to the ER his temp was down to 100.2. His heart rate read very high but his pulse ox was great. So they did another chest X ray and found the pneumonia had gotten worse. However the ER doctor said she wouldn't say he was "sicker", but not getting better so therefore they would be admitting him.  While in the ER I noticed that his coloring was beginning to really diminish and the nurse noticed it too. The ER doctor said she was glad she decided to admit him and then Jude started throwing up.

It took about 8 hours to get an open room and then we were moved into an isolation room.I figured we would probably be here 2-3 days and settled into his room. Then he doctor came to see me and I learned otherwise.  Jude has pneumonia in the lower left lobe now. In addition the infection has spread to the outer layer of his lung. He said the infection around the outer layer will be difficult for Jude to fight because our red blood cells don't travel there like they do the rest of our body. He was very blunt which I like in a doctor. It may sound harsh, but I have an appreciation for that...he said "I am not telling you he is on death's door but I am saying he is very sick".  They explained that their main goal right now is to keep him comfortable and to try to get these antibiotics to work. They also said they maybe dealing with a possible staph issue. The doctor then explained that Jude is so pale because children fighting this type of infection become anemic because their red blood cells are busy fighting. So if for some reason he has a marked change or the worse they will move him to PICU. Luckily right now his pulse ox is still good and they are keeping him stable in his room.
So we are praying that Jude responds to the medication and begins to show marked improvement If he does then when he is fever free for a couple of days they will let us go. WE are leaning that way towards if he doesn't improve and what those options are. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and Jude sends his love.


Jo-Anne said...

All of our prayers are heading your way. Thank-you for all of the updates.

smilinjo said...

Praying that Jude keeps getting better and that you all get home and can post another "smiley" pic very soon!