Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A pale little Jude but a happy Jude

Jude has been rather restless lately and he has been looking very pale. The nurse noted that he has wheezing in all lobes today, but he is not running a fever. So right now we just observe to see if he has a little viral infection or something that could turn into more. He isn't sleeping well, but he is very happy when I am at home holding him. I have had SO much going on with Emily's schedule that I joked tonight that he is ill from lack of mommy time. I am hoping that's not truly the issue. However, I held him for hours tonight and he was SO smiley.

The doctor increased Jude's Artane (a medication for his tone) and I can always tell when it starts to "kick" in. Jude was really looking at me directly into my eyes tonight and smiling so big. The sessions were fleeting when he looked at me and he quickly looked to the side because his brain was confused what he was seeing.However those few fleeting seconds are priceless. It's just a bond that's hard to describe.

So we will be watching over Jude to make sure he gets back to his normal sweet self.

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