Monday, September 23, 2013

Jude's pneumonia update

Not sure what to write on Jude. I am a bit perplexed.

After we got home from the hospital Jude seemed to be doing a bit better. He was still pale but he started smiling which is wonderful. His temp also seemed to go back down to normal so there were signs the antibiotic was working. However on Sunday I felt Jude and he was very warm again and when taking his temp axillary it was 99.8 (add a degree). Knowing Jude that means his internal temp was a lot more. So our nurse gave Jude some Motrin and it took about 2 hours to get his temp back down. He also vomited a lot of phlegm and formula.

So this morning Jude's temp was back at 99.9 axillary again. So we have exceeded our 48 hours and it looks like Jude will possibly go back to the hospital. However, he is still smiling (good sign!). His pulse ox was down this morning, but that can be positioning. His heart rate was decent at 124. So I put a call into his pulmonologist to see what he suggests. We very well may be able to go another day and see what the antibiotic does. However, since Jude is throwing up some we want to make sure the antibiotic is not upsetting his stomach so much that he can't keep it in his system.

So we should know more later.

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