Friday, September 13, 2013

Jude's legs and Emily's struggle

Earlier this week Jude's therapist became quite concerned in regards to Jude's legs. She said he thought she could feel the ball on the femur on one side thus leading her to believe the leg was completely out of socket. Jude has had a lot of discomfort and some issues with sleeping so this would make sense. However, he would sit in his tomato seat for us for several hours at night which is actually really good. So Mike put a call into the ortho and he still believes that the pain Jude is experiencing is from the muscles. He gave us instructions on what to watch for and still wants Jude to see if the Botox in October will help with the pain. So we are still on schedule for surgery in January.

I began to panic when I heard that there might be a possibility that Jude would need surgery now. I know this is common with CP children, but it's not common in my world. I don't like the thought of having him rolled back into the OR again or being in pain after the surgery. He doesn't understand why he is being subjected to the pain. However, we are far to gone on his legs for anything else. The DR flat out told us the brace won't help anything now except with pain.

Emily is doing well, but a bit overwhelmed with High School homework. She did have the honor of being elected Freshman homecoming lady. So it has been a very busy week at our household. She is busy helping me plan upcoming Emily's Smile Box parties to help serve the community. She is also struggling a bit with someone she cares for who is having a really hard time with the loss of their friend. It's hard to know what to do in situations involving grief at my age much less at 14/15. So all I can do is pray for everyone involved.

Make it a great weekend. Reach out this weekend to someone and let them know how much they mean to you! It could make their day!

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