Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jude's hospital update - Sunday.

So they did start Jude's feeds back yesterday and overall he did pretty well. He did throw up when he was trying to go to sleep after they gave him some Tylenol. I am not sure how the doctor will respond to that. His heart rate was also pretty high yesterday and we are assuming that's the fever trying to break through the medications.  He also threw up this morning during RT, but swallowed it before anyone could do anything....sigh. Exactly what gets us in this mess. His o2 stats dropped right after that and she had to put some oxygen on him this morning. Then his stats just went haywire and she realized his lead had popped off his toe, whew. So she put it back on his toe and he fell back to sleep and his stats went back to normal. He is spending more time sleeping than awake, but I guess that's not a bad thing.

So in an ironic mother nature hates me kind of way I woke up SICK! I just know I have a sinus infection...I mean really? If I had a doctor or dentist I could call up and say hey life kinda sucks right now and I would love you forever if you could call me in some Amoxicillon I would, but I don't. So I will ride it out and go to Care Now whenever I can. Darn hospital germs!

Tonight I am heading home for the first time to sleep. I feel really bad leaving Jude, but I know his dad will be here to watch him. My aunt is staying with him tomorrow and I am hunting someone to sit with him from 9-5 on Tuesday. If you are available please let me know. It's basically sitting in the room and watching him sleep while watching TV. If I can take additional time off work I plan to, but I am not sure that will go over well.

I haven't seen the doctor yet this morning and neither have the nurses. So right now they still have the orders to give the fever reducers. I know the doctor was wanting to see if the fever breaks through today without them so I am hoping the nurses hear from him soon.

Anyway, here is a picture of Jude. The doctor told him "Jude you are the happiest sick person I know".

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