Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's stroke awareness month and Jude with glasses

It's May again and you know what that means

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard, "wow I never knew that babies can have strokes". I then proceed to explain that 1 in every 4000 babies will suffer a stroke in utero. Statistically.........that's a lot! The good news is many babies will over come the stroke and you will never know the issue happened.
Did you know strokes are one of the TOP TEN killers in children? Know the signs of a stroke and don't be afraid to suggest to your doctor that you want your child tested if something should happen.

Think FAST -
F- Face - (is their face drooping?)
A -Arms (have they loss the use of an arm or is it hard to use?)
S - Speech (are they slurring their words or having trouble talking?)
T -Time - you have limited time to get help after a stroke.

I promised Jude I would spread the word about Strokes every year.

So here is my little stroke survivor getting his shots today and wearing daddy's glasses.

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