Thursday, May 10, 2012

The ARD, a video, and dreams

Jude's ARD meeting went well. Everyone was very attentive and I got to hear more of what Jude is accomplishing. I did find out that he is a bit more responsive at home on certain subjects than at school. I also got a video of Jude working with the physical therapist at the school.

Jude is allotted a certain amount of minutes per month by the district, but I am told they always spend a lot more time with him. They are also very caring about Jude's seizures and try to refrain from loud noises and bells when he is in the school.

Again it's bittersweet going to these meetings. I have the warm feeling of knowing we have a lot of amazing teachers that truly care about Jude. I know they love our nurse and the other kids are treating Jude wonderfully. However, it stinks he has to be in special education anyway. They are looking into getting Jude more assistive technology and have called for a special review for more equipment. I am very thankful that they are wanting to progress is learning as far as possible.

Jude has not been sleeping well again and has a cough. I am hoping he isn't catching yet another bug! I am also hoping for some sleep soon. Prior to going to bed last night we watched (at huge protest from Mike) the movie the Vow. I view movies with medical situation so different now due to Jude's situation. By the time the movie was over Mike was more interested in it and it was a good flick. I felt sorry for the family, but glad they progressed. That's all you can do....move forward.

However, when I went to sleep I had a dream that Mike had an affair with a nurse in San Fransisco. I woke up hurt and angry and he said "I don't even LIKE San Fransisco!" So I had a good chuckle!

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charity said...

i watched the video and it seems like he has some very patient and caring therapist. its amazing to watch therapist do there job and see them actually care about the child.