Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to my mom who is in heaven. I am sure she is doing a large amount of crafts to make everything beautiful there. She is probably setting tables with pressed wildflowers and I am sure she has bird feeders set up everywhere. She is probably reading stories to those that will listen and playing Led Zeppelin in between chapters.

To my grandmother who raised me from 14 on who is also in heaven entertaining my mom. She is probably still arguing about things that do not matter and still caring for those who matter most to her. I am also sure she has a small white jar of jelly beans set out for me.....with the black licorce taken out (of course)....because she knows I don't like those.

To my step mother who has given everything she can to make up for lost time and whose faithful dedication to God is something to be admired.

To Caron and Me Me for extending me a guiding mothers hand when I truly needed one. Giving me unconditional and unquestioned love. Caron is the epitome of grace and patience. Me Me is a firm hand with a soft embrace and that's always needed.

To Docia for just being you and being a mom when you probably never knew you were. You touch my life in a great way and always will. You have a huge impact on those around you...I hope you know this.

To all my amazing friends and family who are mothers in a direct aspect or an emotional relation. A mother doesn't always consist of giving birth, but rather an emotional attachment that is forged with love and dedication. You are all meant to be admired.

Finally, many thanks to my beautiful children who give me the opportunity to be a mom! You have given me the best gift ever. My life is complete with you.