Friday, May 4, 2012

A certified letter

Yesterday when I got home I had one of those lovely peach cards sitting in my mailbox that indicated I had a certified letter waiting at the post office. I hate those things. They were created by the spawn of Satan! Generally when they get these they are either the IRS or someone you really don't want to talk to. I get so irritated with these things because I rarely get them, but when I do the local post office is always closed and there is NO information on the card. So you are left worrying and waiting until the next day. Every time I would forget about my little peach friend I would pass through my kitchen only to see it lying there again. UGH!  

So I counted the minutes until 8:30am so I could call the post office and see what grim information was waiting for me. The lady I reached was super nice (it was early so she wasn't jaded yet) and she kindly got my letter. She said "It's addressed to you and Michael Ortiz and it's from the Texas Department of Rehabilitation Services". Then she paused and said "Division for Blind Services". I sat there for a second and said "Okkkkkkkkkay, thanks"

Then I pondered for a second. So the Division of Blind Services sent a certified written letter........seemed odd. What if I was the person that was visually impaired they were sending it to. I would REALLY be stressed out. So I tracked down the number and called them. Basically it was Jude's case manager letting me know his case had been moved to Wichita Falls (let's repeat the okkkkkkkkkkay). He gets passed around a lot within that division and I am still unsure of what their services are. The lady was very sweet and wanted to come visit Jude's school to observe Jude and his vision teacher. She also said she would eventually meet with us and let us know what more she could do. I was grateful she took the time to find me.

So she will go see Jude next week.

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