Monday, April 30, 2012

The Zoo

So yesterday at about 4pm prior to our nurse leaving Jude got very cranky! Alan tried everything to get Jude comfortable, but it just wasn't working. So I was able to console him for a bit by holding him, but it didn't last for long. I finally got Jude to sleep by patting his back for awhile while he laid on his futon. When he woke up he was okay for a bit, but then got very cranky again. I ended up putting him to bed early because I thought he needed the sleep and mom needed a break.

So we went to bed too and then at TWO am in the morning our doorbell rings. I stumble out of bed half asleep and open the door (when I know I shouldn't) and my neighbor is standing there. "I am so so sorry to wake you up, but your dogs got out". I looked at him blurry eyed and muster out "storm?". He said "Yes it's about to storm". I respond "Okay not my dogs but I will tell the owner, thanks so much!". At that point my husband is walking to the front door...... I look at him and said "Your dogs are out" and keep walking to the bed and fell in it. So Mike goes to retrieve Spot and Jack whom I had reconciled with a bit that afternoon. We had cleaned up the patio and we had sat out there with them for a long time so I was disappointed they escaped again....the darn Houdini's! I finally fell back to sleep and Mike comes through the door.........which makes Bigs (our yorkie poo) bark. I had purchased Bigs a "No bark" Egg from Sunbeam which seemed to be a miracle device......for the first day. So Bigs loud shrill bark woke Jude up and sent him into a this point I want to fricassea a few animals. I finally get Jude back to sleep and crawl back into bed.

I then here POP POP POP as the cat tears apart my weather stripping on my front door trying to get inside the house because the terrorists are occupying his garage. The cat cannot come in because he had just been treated for fleas that afternoon. So I pull myself back out of bed and open the door to scold the cat. I then head back to my room and I hear Jude's cries.

At that point a cliff sounded pretty nice............and this is how my entire night went. I probably got to sleep from 11-2.

&!&$& Zoo!


charity said...

hopefully you get some sleep tonight sounds like you need it after last night.

Reagan Leigh said...

That's how our nights tend to go as well! If it's not one thing (or child), it's another!!