Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Jude had a bad night. I felt really sorry for him. When I got home from work he was very cranky and it didn't get any better unless I was holding him. I would hold him all the time if I could, but he is getting so big that it really hurts my back. We gave him Motrin and we tried to calm him, but he just wasn't having any part of it. So when we put him to bed we figured his sedative would kick in and he would go to sleep. We were wrong! He whined, cried, and moaned for an hour. So I finally just went and disconnected his IV feed and took him into the living room. I sat down with him on the couch and he snuggled into my chest and went fast asleep. Every time I would try to move with him he would snuggle in deeper. Poor little guy.

Charlotte is watching him close today and he stayed home from school.


Gilda said...

Poor Jude..keeping him in my prayers for a better day.

rocketmommy said...

Poor Jude. I really hope he's feeling at least a little bit better today.