Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NADO'S! Plus prayers are needed and more

I felt very cared about today. I had people emailing from all over asking if my family was okay. Some were family, some friends, and some amazing blog readers. After watching the below on the internet merely miles from where I was at and my kids were at...........well I again HATE tornado's! (Nado's as my family calls them)

I am a bit of a weather freak (right now my family is saying...A BIT??) It's only because I have personally been IN the direct path of tornado's and therefore I have a respect for them. There are those that have respect and would rather be safe than sorry and those that ............ keep driving down the above highway thinking the said twister will gone by the time they reach the hill. I don't panic, but I get very ansy, over excited, and work on 100% adrenaline. So yesterday I mentioned to my co-workers that I had been watching the weather closely and I was a bit concerned. I watched the weather form and the large red cells on the radar. Suddenly there was a tornado warning, then two, then three, THEN dfw was under a tornado emergency. WTH...........there were so many forming that they just declared an emergency. I was fine with where I was because I knew I would evacuate the office to the local KWIK KAR location in Grapevine, TX (they have an underground facility and invited us once). I was NOT okay when I saw a tornado warning pop up by my children's schools. I didn't hear from Emily, but I did receive an auto calling from her school informing me they were taking all precautions. I then heard from Jude's nurse Charlotte that they were in "duck and cover" and Jude thought it was hilarious. I felt a bit of relief. Later in the day when Em asked to go to a friends I realized her school had played this day off as a "drill". Smart...........kept the kids calm. Charlotte shielded Jude and the teaches helped...he is truly loved. Once the sun came out today these are the sites seen in DFW.

Mike and I both want a storm shelter VERY BADLY. We would store some of Jude's items in there that he would have to have to survive, but they are so expensive. So we will begin saving for one. God bless the people affected by this storm. I am so thankful my family is okay.

So about 5am Mike's phone began ringing. I hit him and said "stupid alarm", but Mike arose from the sleep fog to realize it was his phone actually ringing. It was Jude's nurse Charlotte telling us her husband had a massive seizure in bed while sleeping. He was in ICU and intubated. We were both speechless. Mike volunteered to stay home because he knew that being an insurance agent I was looking at a VERY busy day ahead of me. We were so concerned about Charlotte and her husband, but we also talked to the nursing agency several times today. They were able to get a nurse in for us to meet late today so she could watch Jude tomorrow. It was strange making plans while Charlottes husband was so ill. I remember when I found out about Jude I just looked down from the hospital window wondering how everyone on the roads could continue on with their lives. Its a strange feeling. We do know her husband has made progress but they are still looking for please keep them in your prayers.

I also feel so withdrawn from people. My work is so very busy that I barely have time to breathe anymore. I am thankful I have a good job, but I am also very very tired. So bear with me if I seem tired, cranky, or just need a friend. I appreciate your patience, being there, and waiting for me to be myself again :)

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rocketmommy said...

So glad you guys are all okay. I just (well 6 years ago) moved to an area that gets tornado warnings on a yearly basis. Coming from somewhere that never got them really does make you think. I definitely have the respect for them as well and don't take the warnings lightly. Especially with two little ones.

We are adding your friends to our prayers and hoping that you may be able to take some time for a deep breath and just a... moment.