Thursday, April 12, 2012

Marilyn and a bean

We watched "My Week with Marilyn" tonight. It was fabulous. If you are a fan or Marilyn curious I recommend the film. I always admired her but had empathy for her at the same time. I allowed Em to stay up and watch the movie because I felt it had some important messages. The entire script was pretty deep...........and I was impressed that Em seemed to get it all! She pointed out particular moments in the film and the lack of Ms. Monroe's self confidence on more than one occasion...which is exactly what I wanted Em to learn from.

During the show Em said "Mommy..........what is this?". She took my hand and rubbed it over a bean shaped lump in her neck. I knew it was probably her lymph node, but asked Mike to feel it without assigning the issue title. He also said, "Oh it feels like a lymph node....she is probably fighting an infection like Jude was". I relaxed and figured he was right. Then I asked Em...."are you really tired?". She said "Yes that's why I have been mopey all week".

So I felt like it was probably a normal childhood issue and I worried at the same time. I said a quick prayer that I all seriousness could NOT handle two sick children. Part of me wanted to take off tomorrow to have her checked and the other part knew..........well knows it's just a normal everyday thing. I sent her downstairs for a vitamin and banned her from activities tomorrow.
So a quick prayer Em gets better soon.........and this little bean quickly goes away so this dramatic mom will have nothing to worry about.

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