Saturday, March 12, 2011

We move at the same pace....

Jude actually slept pretty decent last night. He woke up three times to be repositioned but he quickly went back to sleep. Our nurse Alan showed up at 7am but I had difficulties falling back to sleep. I laid there awake while I listened to the sounds of the morning. Suddenly I heard Jude crying very loudly and the Glo-worms shiny face flashed through my mind. I threw my sheets off and jumped out of bed as quickly as I could. I ran into the living room with my arms waving saying, " NO  he hates the glo-worm". Sure enough Alan was trying to console Jude and was playing the glo-worm right in front of him. Jude was in a full throw down hissy fit. Poor nurse Alan had no idea and I could tell he felt bad. I explained that it was my fault because I forgot to pick the worm up off the floor and put the toy up in a place where no one could find him.

I then had a Scentsy party later in the day about an hour away. My friend Fleck went with me and she really kept me company on the long drive out to the house. I am so very grateful to those that have offered their homes for Scentsy parties to help me out. I also thank those that order on a regular basis. I love selling Scentsy and meeting new people.

When I got home Jude was throwing up again and continued to throw up for a bit. Mike and I seem to be rather used to the routine of Jude throwing up. I hate that Jude gets sick so much in the afternoons and I hope that someday Jude won't have to deal with that issue. I remember saying, "Come on Jude I just walked in the door from work...give mommy a break" but then I stopped myself and issued my own quick reality check. It's not Jude's fault that he throws up and I am sure he hates it far worse than I hate cleaning up his puke. The rest of the night he was very smiley and such a good boy.

Tomorrow we meet with the hotel in regards to the pageant I am holding called Regal Princess. Mike and I are both very excited to iron out the final details regarding staging, special guests, and more. I am so thankful we have been given the opportunity to reach others through community service and through events Emily loved.  

This weekend I remembered how much I really love my husband. I HATTTTTTTTTTE my personal pictures lately. I feel fat and gross, but he loves me the way I am. He hugs me, he compliments me, and he encourages me. He is working hard to make our lives turn around and become easier. I love him dearly. As I mentioned above I noticed tonight that Mike and I move in synchroniazed movements in regards to Jude's care. I can grab the medication for Jude's breathing treatments while Mike instinctually grabs the mask and places Jude in his upright chair. We then flow as we fill syringes with medications, pour cans full of formula into feeding bags, and position Jude into appropriate positions for sleeping. We can read each others movements. He knows when Jude needs to be held, when he needs to be turned over on his stomach, and I know the same things. Although, Mike also knows when I personally need attention, when I need to be left alone, and when I need time to sleep. Mike deserves a lot of credit and we are a good team.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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