Wednesday, March 30, 2011

G button update

The pediatrican prescribed a topical antibiotic for Jude's g button. I didn't think much about the topical portion of it until I left for work this morning. Jude was screaming again because he was in pain and I noticed his G button area was a bit red. The nurse said it has a bit of green discharge yesterday. I began to wonder why the doctor would prescribe a topical antibiotic for something that may be internal....but as my husband says she is the doctor.

So I took it upon myself to call the GI surgeon that placed the G Button. He said if it is in fact a true infection he would treat it with oral and topical antibiotics. He suggested we bring Jude to him or if we see the red circle around the button begin to spread to go ahead and go to the ER. Mike is understandable frustrated with all the recent doctor appointments. So Mike went to pick up the ointment and they are going to apply it today to see how Jude does. The nurse did remove the G button and she didn't see anything under it.

We are basically doing a wait and see at this point. Hopefully the medication will solve the problem or we will take him for further evaluation.

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