Friday, March 25, 2011

Cough, hack, sneeze, and Jude's sleep study.

It's been a bad year for us getting sick and I hate it. I am not sure what is going on ......... maybe it's this insane TX weather? One day it's 49 and the next it's 85? We take our vitamins, we eat well, and are overall healthy. It's so on my nerves. I have never been as sick as I am right now and  it needs to go away!!! I have done everything I can tonight to get rid of this crud. I just hate being sick.

Mike is with Jude at the sleep study. They have been at the building with Jude's EEG hooked up since about 11am. They will get discharged in the morning about 6:30am. Mike said that when Jude had a seizure for over 6 minutes the people at the facility came rushing in the room in a panic. Mike assured them that Jude would be fine and this was pretty normal because Jude had just woken up from a nap. Jude always has long seizures when he first wakes. How far we have come that they last 6-10 minutes vs 20 prior to the Felbatol.

Here is a picture Mike just sent of Jude. I miss my boy but it's probably better that he is away from me right now.


The Henrys said...

I hope you get better soon. We have had a horrible winter with one illness after another. I had strep throat four times this winter and both of my kids had it once. Next up was a stomach bug and now they both have respitory issues going on. I'm so over everyone being sick!!!

Amber said...

Chances are your all getting sick because of lack of sleep, it makes everything have to work harder and puts your immune system at risk, unfortunately there isnt a whole lot you can do, but i have found extra vitamin C helps. If you can take an extra vitamin C a couple times a day you might get some relief from getting sick so often. Hope you feel better soon, and hopefully they can figure something out at Judes sleep study, praying for all of you, keep up the great work your doing, its hard, but you are such a strong person :) Amber

Gilda said...

Sorry you haven't be feeling well and it's keeping you away from Jude. But you do need some time to get better and rest. I often read your blogs and wonder how you do it all. Your a great woman who need ALOT!!! of rest. I agree sometimes lack of sleep wears your body down and your not able fight anything so you get sick easily. Hope you feel better soon.