Saturday, March 5, 2011

Throw up and Texas budget cuts

Jude started his breathing treatments this morning and he did very well. His temp is down and he seems to be feeling much better. I really think the reason Jude overcame this sickness without a hospital visit is because of his loving nurses. The repeated CPT, saline, cleaning out his nose, and alternating medications really helped him. We are very lucky that we have them. With that being said our nurse Alan brought the information from our home health care agency showing the proposed budget changes for the state of Texas. He also acknowledged they have already cut nursing reimbursements by 2%.

The house budget proposal (HB 1) suggests a 19 percent overall cut from the 2010-2011 budget. I understand this has to be done due to our huge deficiet, but this is going to greatly affect education both secondary and elementary, prisons, transportation, health and human services...including foster care, and higher education. I still believe placing Casino's in our state would be a better option than all these cuts.

Let's discuss the section that will truly affect us.  Medicaid provides 3.5 million Texans with access to health care inslucing nursing, and long term care. There is a total of 3.8 billion being suggested to cut for health care providers...... that means many doctors that currently take medicaid, won't anymore. Texas medicaid funds would also not receive funds needed to replace federal recovery act dollars (nursing). The 10 percent rate cuts proposed for 12-13 are in addition to the rate cuts already made in 2011.  According to the Texas Medical Association, Mediaid rates are so low that only 42 percent of physicians in the state will accept Medicaid.  In 2000 67 percent of physicians accepted Medicaid. In addition to the cuts that would affect us there will be cuts to Child Protective services that will affect others I know.  In CPS a 7.4 percent overall cut would not fund caseload growth for foster care or adoption subsidies. Client services would be reduced, and 750 staff would be eliminated.

You can actually read on the HB 1 for the full list of all the programs that will be affected. It seems very large cuts are being proposed for the elderly, and for the special needs groups. I understand that many people feel they do not need to fund taxes to care for others. Although, these are people that are invalid and need help, not people just living off the system.

As I was typing this Jude turned into old faithful and throw up came out his mouth, nose, and went into his hair, eyes, and more. Jude was turning blue, and our nurse was suctioning him to keep him from aspirating. It was the worst throw up we have seen yet. So now we have to wonder if this violent episode is related to the medication in the breathing treatment. Thank goodness we have our nurse here, I sure hope we don't lose them. These proposed cuts means our nurses will make less money...which doesn't seem fair.

I am also concerned about the cuts to education. I am sad we have gotten to the point that we have to cut so many programs. Texas already spends less per person than most other states.

If you haven't written your congressman (or woman), state reps, and or state senators I request you do.


Miracles Happen said...

I have been sad to read about your recent frustrations. We have definetly been there. We turned a big corner when we finally got some communication but you are right it is very hard and exhausting. Our 5 year old still doesn't sleep through the night and we are adding baby #2 in a few months.

One thing I took for granted living in AZ was the long term care. We don't need nursing but we had respite care. It was very nice to have. When we moved back to Utah we got NOTHING.. NOT A THING. In fact, there is a 9 year waiting list for a medicaid waiver and some respite care. Even if you are not able to provide what they need financially you are OUT OF LUCK..

Good luck in getting and keeping what you need.

Katy said...

I also think it's important to point out that many of these programs are aimed at cutting Early Intervention. Dollars not spent in early intervention WILL eventually cost tax payers money when these unserviced children become wards of the state. Really, they save money by not cutting those types of programs.