Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Survey says.......

Jude had a sinus infection that caused a left ear infection. My poor boy! I hate that he cannot say "Mommy my ear hurts". He would just pucker out his little lip. So he is on some antibiotics, but at least this should be a quick fix.

Jude did make it to therapy today but he didn't want to do much. Mike mimicked Jude's voice saying "Come on ladies didn't you get the memo that I am SICK!". It was funny, but sad. He has also yet again outgrown his clothes! His little jeans were unbuttoned and his belly was hanging out of his shirt. If you sat him on the couch he would look like a redneck. So it's shopping time again.

Here are some pictures from therapy today. He looks like he is saying "get away!"


Sherry C said...

Too bad he's sick sinus infections and ear infections yuck. He looks so big sitting there no wonder he is out growing he's close that's great.

The Henrys said...

I hope he feels better soon!