Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a quick lil update

I got limited calls today on Jude until the end of the day. It seems his temp has started rising some. Once I got home Mike informed me that Charlotte did hear some wheezing in Jude's chest. Luckily the pulmonologist called to schedule an appointment for tomorrow at 10:30. I informed them of Jude's recent issues, and they are going to do a chest X Ray at the office. Jude is currently sleeping, which is good for him, and once he wakes up I will evaluate him again. If his situation is worse we will take him in tonight. Little Jude amazes me that he can be fine one minute, and the next he gets sick. Hopefully he will be okay until they take a look at him tomorrow.

So I am sitting here typing and an interview with Charlie Sheen just popped up. I have avoided most of this mess he calls his life, but man.......he looks BAD! It's like watching someone self destruct. I hope he can get help. shooo!

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