Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jude's routine, and a big helper with Emily's Smile Boxes

The new routine is still going strong. Jude did very well going to bed last night. He cried out once before he fell asleep, but soon settled down when I came in and talked to him. He fell asleep giving me little smiles. Emily felt much better last night and is currently with Mike on her way to hotel to have a lesson for this weekend. He is so good to her, he just drives her everywhere she needs or wants to go.

So next week is full of appointments for Jude. Tuesday he is having a swallow study to see if Jude will be able to eat be mouth in the future. He also has an appointment with his GI doctor on Tuesday. Wednesday he has therapy and Friday is his sleep study. Also next miss thang here is getting back on a diet. I have been eating terrible lately and I cannot afford to gain weight. I must get back on a regime.

So a long awaited announcement. On Wednesday March 30th we are holding an Emily's Smile Boxes party at her middle school. We are putting together 200 boxes to benefit Children's and Scottish Rite. This is the first party where someone from the Kidd Kraddick morning show will be in attendance. We have been in talks with them since 09 about partnering with Emily's Smile Boxes. We don't know the extent of the partnership or the help they will give us yet, but having them in attendance is a huge stepping stone. They have the ability of making Emily's dream of taking her boxes nationwide a reality.  The show will announce more about their help when everything is finalized. We thank them with all our hearts for their consideration and interest.

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