Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Funday

Last night Mike gave Jude his breathing treatment without a nurse for the first time. Jude sat with his little mask on and took in the medication. Soon after........Jude wanted to play and play and play. There was no going to sleep for the little man all hopped up on asthma medication. So we learned that we need to give his breathing treatment at about 8 at night so it will have enough time to wear off some. So Jude was up and down the entire night, but it's so much easier to handle when his nurse gets here at 7. Mike and I were both able to get a lot of sleep this weekend.

I had to go into Dallas today so I picked up Emily early from her dad. We spent the afternoon roaming around the Galleria. We only bought a few things from Lush, which is my favorite bath and body store. Other than that we just admired all the pretty items in the store fronts. We laughed and had a really good time together. I really love those days with her. Once I got home Jude was all smiles whenever I gave him hugs hello.

Emily has another Emily's Smile Boxes party at the end of March. We are holding this one at her school and are putting together 200 boxes. We are suppose to have some members of a radio station there and I am hoping it all comes together. We are going to plan another party in June for our summer box party. I will keep everyone updated on the exact date.

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