Thursday, February 25, 2010

Which side of the brain?

I have mentioned on here before how the brain is controlled, and Katy pointed that out the other day. The right side controls the left side of the body, and vice versa. So it's confusing to me that Jude's stroke was so much worse on the right side, but the left side of his body works better. In fact the last EKG showed the seizure activity was coming solely from the right side. We have only had one MRI done after Jude was born, they plan to do another one when he is two. An MRI is simply a picture, but it does spread some medical insight into his issues. I am anxious to understand why his left side is working better when the right side of the brain is so affected?

Yesterday when I got home Jude was smile, and giggles. He was very calm, and did not get upset one time, which is unusual. I think the stimulation from having the nurse there, and then Mikes mom made Jude more calm. I put his glow globe down that Anna gave us, and he probably sat there coo'ing at it for at least forty five minutes.
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Like the chocolate Pediasure on his shoulder?

After dinner Emily went upstairs to complete some Smile Boxes that are going to a home that houses abused children in Dallas. She has thirty boxes going today, and Mike was generous enough to make the long drive out to drop them off.
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Now that the boxes are flat she likes to draw on them, I thought this one was really cute.
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So our reservations have been set for DC, and I paid for Mike's airfare. Em, and I were included, but we had to pay for Mike. It wasn't much, and I am glad he will be going. I am a CHICKEN when it comes to flying, so I like him there with me to calm my nerves. Also, I want him to enjoy getting away for awhile. As I mentioned my sweet aunt is going with us to help watch Jude while we follow Ems itinerary. My family has been super helpful, my other aunt is watching Jude today while Mike delivers the boxes. I think she was excited because she is wanting to scope out the nurse to make sure she is okay.

I am off to work.


Candace said...

You know Faith has very similar issues. Large amounts of siezure activity on the left and in the back but her seizures are almost entirely on the left side when she has them. One of the reasons they are presenting her at the seizure conference. No one has been able to explain it- ever. It's very frustrating for us, too.

Caroline said...

Lovely picture of jude. Hope everything's ok. Just seen your status on Facebook. Will pray for u all tonight xxx