Monday, February 1, 2010

Seizures are down

Ever had one of those days at work that you are so busy that you aren't sure which project to tackle first? Welcome to my day! It's been great though because the day has flown by. It's now pretty slow so I have a second to update. I didn't update all weekend because I had two large Scentsy parties, and I am so grateful to the girl who hosted them.

Jude actually had a very good weekend, and I think we found the seizure culprit. Jude had been battling congestion for a few weeks, and per the pediatricians orders we were giving him Benadryl. We cut out of the Benadryl, and we are now back to 3-4 small seizures throughout the day. He is still eating well taking 26 - 30 ounces a day, but it's still not enough. The nutritionist brought us a bunch of Boost today, and we are hoping Jude likes it. It has more calories than the Pediasure. She also said Jude had lost a pound since his last visit. This is a concern, but she said she isn't to worried since he was so sick, and in the hospital in December. It's still a sign the G button is looming, but we have accepted that eventually Jude will need one.

Jude had a few cry fits this weekend, but he was quickly quieted when I picked him up. Mike got a weepy look on his face and said he thinks Jude has outgrown him, and that he just wants mama. I assured him that was not the case.

Emily is so excited about this weekend. Poor girl woke up with pink eye in BOTH eyes on Saturday, and she was in a panic. I brought out the antibiotic eye drops I had, then alternated boiling cotton balls in sea salt, and tea bags on her eyes throughout the day. By the next day, it was GONE! I now know the cure all for pink eye. I reassured her everything would be just fine. We will start packing the kids tonight, and going through our list of everything we need. I also have to hit the grocery store after work, which I loathe.

Emily received a request this weekend to be a "celebrity" waiter at a black tie gala in Dallas. The gala will benefit the child abuse prevention center of DFW, I emailed the requester and advised that Em is only 11, and not really a celebrity just a little kid, but they still wanted her. Emily got a huge kick out of being asked, and is planning on attending. Therefore, we are hunting some well known celebrities for them, because we would like to help their cause. We also thought it was so cute they included Em. They said they will give her some small tasks to do. It's April 17th in Dallas, so if you know of a celebrity that would be willing to donate a night for a good cause, let me know.


Candace said...

goog grief, Jenn, you are running in circles!Glad to hear the seizures are down. Emily is certainly becoming a celebrity, though! And for such a good reason! What a great kid she is, I know you are so proud of her. Hope that her weekend goes great and no hicupps happen.

Jenkins said...

Seizures are no fun...especially when they increase and we try and try to figure out why.
Happy to hear they decreased.

Caroline said...

Hope the seizures stay at bay. As nasty as they are, i always like to be able to account for why there's an increase (though touch wood, Hope is still free of them right now- wish i could explain that)
Lots of love to you all