Monday, February 22, 2010

Well I mean really?

Well I mentioned in my blog this morning that I woke up from my dream with my chest hurting. I just attributed it to stress, and blew it off. Later in the morning at work my chest started hurting a bit again. Then my stomach got upset, and I mentioned to Jenn at work that I might be getting a tummy bug. A little bit more time passed by, and then my heart started racing. I began to wonder if I was having a panic attack, if it was stress, or if there was something really wrong. I HATE being sick, and avoid doctor offices. There was a time in my life I visited them frequently for anything even a runny nose. Then I found that I had the ability to keep myself well with a healthy lifestyle, and positive attitude. So anyway, Jenn recommended that I run up to CVS to take my blood pressure, it was 157/115!!! I took it four more times not believing the readings. I then figured I might be one of these dumb butts that die in a pharmacy because I didn't take myself to the ER. So I took myself back to work, and explained to my boss that I thought I should be precautionary and have it checked out. When I got to the ER my blood pressure was at 160/115 and a heart rate of 133.

They rushed me right back, and they immediately gave me a bag of IV fluids, and surprisingly it made me feel better. After hours the doctor came in. He said that all my blood work all looked great, which is wonderful news after the platelet issue during childbirth. He then said the EKG showed a fast heartbeat, and palpitations. I inquired if he thought this was stress related, he said he believed there was some stress from being in the ER, but that's all. He thought I was dehydrated (which is crazy because I drink a ton of water), that it might be the viral cold I have been fighting, or my thyroid. It sounded like he was really leaning towards the thyroid. So he took a blood test, and is sending me to a doctor close to my office to get the results. The great news was if was nothing life threatening, and he sent me on my way. I hate being sick, being at the hospital, and having to reroute my day so this was more annoying than anything.

I can tell you it was scary though. I consider myself healthy. I eat pretty well, I am active, and I am young, but my chest hurt so bad that I was nervous. Don't want to do that again!!! I am home resting, and it's back to work tomorrow. Good news is Jude was with his therapist when I got home, and was making amazing progress. I will blog on that tomorrow.


~Amy Rose @ Keeping Up... said...

Oh Jenn...I am glad you are okay! How scary! You were smart to go with your intuition and get checked out. I hope that you can get some rest and feel better!

Candace said...

Girl that is scary! So glad that you are ok but you should keep your eye on that! I hate the doctor too. I avoid it like the plague!

Katy said...

Charlie had a heart condition called SVT which causes racing heart rate. Keep an eye on that!

Judi said...

Jenn... you poor thing! I'm so glad you listened to yourself and went to the ER! How scary for you.... move to GA and I'll come take care of you!! LOL!

I'm so happy to hear Jude is doing so great! I love the updates so much. My daughter Avonlea is the same age as Jude and she adores his pictures! She points to each one and gets so excited.... I think she may have a little crush!

A Girl Named Me said...

Yikes...glad you went to have it checked out.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

My goodness Jenn! So glad it was nothing serious! Please take care of yourself and try to let the stress go a bit. I know it's hard. Take care! Jenn