Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow snow snow

This is what I woke up to this morning:
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No I don't live up North where the blizzards are, I live in Texas. I am blaming this snow for my earache, and sore throat. This year has brought the most snow, and strangest weather to our region. One day it's 70 degrees, and the next day it's 32 with blizzard like conditions. I really have to have a talk with that groundhog! It's suppose to keep snowing all day, and where I live may see 8 inches. EIGHT? Are you kidding me? Emily went to school today, but my prediction is that the district will release at 10 so the kids are countable for a full day. I think they have run out of snow days this year. I was hesitant about putting Em on the bus, but it's suppose to be worse tomorrow than today. Plus the little old man that drives her bus goes very slow, and has their best interest at heart. Although, my drive to work proved challenging, not due to the roads, but the sheer amount of snow falling. I couldn't see very well, and I couldn't find the lane on the highway. I am hoping my boss let's us leave about 3 so I can head out before the sun sets. It took me over an hour to get to work, so that would give me plenty of time to head back to the winter wonderland I currently live in.

Jude woke up laughing today before I left, and I talked to him a bit while he rested in his bed. It was good to see him in great spirits. Mike is working on getting Jude on a regular schedule which includes therapy time, patching his eye, and being in his stander. I am sure Jude will be resistant, but it's time to get him in a routine. Last night, Mike and I watched a recorded episode of Extreme Home makeover. The little girl had holoproencephaly. We had heard that term before because they did a head sonogram on Jude prior to the MRI, and they mentioned this term. It turned out that is NOT what Jude had because he had suffered the stroke, which caused Schizencephaly. Although I had researched Holo, and was so upset by what I had read. Although, this little girl was disabled, but happy, still alive, playing with toys, and could make sounds like "Ba". Mike seemed disturbed by watching this show, and said it just spreads reality on our situation. I thought about what he said and then told him that the reality of our situation set in a long time ago, and that all I saw was hope looking at that show. If this little girl who has more challenges than Jude can grasp and hold toys, make noises, etc, so can Jude! I think he may have seen the show in a different light because he called me this morning telling me he believes Jude can accomplish so many things as he grows. I agree!

Well wish me luck getting home today.

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Sherry C said...

I didn't have to clean my car today and I'm in Canada, that is very freaky. My parents are thinking of purchasing a home in Texas to spend Canadian winters and return to Canada May to November.. your picture is not how I imaged Plano or Dallas where my parents are considering moving.

Are winter here has been unusally mild with very little snow. But it is never 70. I'm sure your kids loved it.