Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The nurse, and Em

I am feeling much better today, more alive, just a headache, but that's all. I noticed my size 8 pants are starting to fall off of me, so if this is a Thyroid issue, maybe I should let it run for a bit, haha! My cousin, and I joked about that yesterday, but today my pants were even more loose.

Jude's nurse started today, and he received a bath this morning. Mike said Jude was unhappy that no one was in the bath with him, and was wondering where his mom was. Overall the nurse was wonderful with Jude today. Mike said that she plans to quickly set a routine for Jude, which I think will be wonderful. Our little boy is prone to temper tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants. This is good because it's normal age behavior, but he needs to be taught it's not appropriate. It's probably good that Mike is there because I tend to rescue Jude when I see his cute bottom lip poke out. She is also putting in an order to Jude's doctor for his oxygen monitor, spare oxygen in case of emergency, and the suction pieces for his suction unit. I am blessed we found this lady!

Last night Emily received her large donation. A sweet lady Kenni in our neighborhood works for the company who supplied the donation. She has submitted a request on our behalf. It was our first time meeting her last night, and she asked Emily to tell the story of why she started her charity. She said she had read many things on her site, but wanted to hear it from her. So I was quiet, and Emily calmly told her the story of why she wanted to make Smile Boxes. I listened to her stumble of her words, which I thought was so cute, and then I looked and saw Kenni teary eyed. It was touching.
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Despite all her recent big events, Emily is still very level headed. Last night she helped me bathe Jude, and even gave him a foot massage when he got out of the bath tub. She is so sweet to him, and can make him smile when no one else can.
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Mike went to Em's teacher conference today, which I think is great of him. I wasn't able to get off work to go, but Mike was willing to go. I am hoping she gets rave reviews like she did at the last conference. Tonight, I get to go home, and tell her she received an invitation from Daryl Johnston to an event next week. I wonder if she will appreciate the fact it's MOOOOOOSE, like I do! Bet if it was Marion Barber, she would freak out, but her mama is excited, ha!

We also placed our first order for the official "Emily's Smile Boxes Build A Bear". Build a bear was gracious enough to give Em wholesale prices on their bears, and even made a tiny wee tee with her logo. We were going to put these in the boxes, but they are 12 inches long therefore, we had a discussion last night. The end result of the discussion was to give the Bears to the babies, and toddlers who may not currently receive a Smile Box.

I am going to get Mike to take some pictures of Jude with his new nurse. I will post those soon. In addition, my aunt is still helping out too, and our respite, so Mike will be getting some much needed down time.


Candace said...

Sounds like things are going good for Jude and for Miss Emily! I sure hope that your new nurse will provide Jude and you guys with some much needed assistance! Does she just come to the house or can she go out to therapies and doctor's visits? I know a young man who has one who accompanies him to therapies at our center. He is a teenager though.

Our Journey said...

i have alot of suction stuff, if we have the same machine then you can have all of the extras..

Katy said...

Nurse sounds like a blessing for you guys!

Great news with all of Emily's stuff as well!

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Whant a great thing it is having a nurse. We have been lucky and have had the same nurse for the last 2 years. She goes to doctors appointments with us.She goes to school with him. She is our eyes and ears at school. She has shown me how to work and take care of all of his equipment. She even thought me how to take a blood pressure.
Well done to Emily and her Smile Boxes.