Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow and it's not stress!

First off let me start this blog off by letting you know this is what I came out to this morning.

Really? really mother nature? I live in Texas, TEXAS! Give us a break already, I am sick of snow! I would like to request that my sweet friends up north, shut their back door, okay? Thanks! I am ready for SPRING.

Second, I still don't feel well today, I feel really lethargic. It took everything I had just to get out of bed this morning, and come to work. I made myself a good breakfast so I would try to get some energy, but it didn't work. Although, I did enjoy turkey sausage, with egg white, on a whole wheat English muffin, mmmm!!! I am 100% annoyed now that I don't feel well! Also, I want to explain something, I enjoy being busy, in fact, I love it! I have never been one to stay at home, and not do anything. I love being on the go, and it does not stress me out one bit. Jude's situation can stress me out, and work can stress me out, but that's it. So when I went in yesterday I initially explained to the doctor this might be anxiety related. He said according to the EKG it isn't, whatever that means. So a bit aggravated with hearing people tell me I need to slow down, and let stuff go. I know people mean well, but it's just not warranted. Everyone has different opinions about other people's lives, but in the end it's up to each individual person on what they like, and how they like to live. I like my life, and I am enjoying it right now. I did some investigating on the thyroid issue the doctor mentioned, and all my symptoms line up accordingly. I am leaning that direction, and I have an appointment on Thursday to get the results. If not, I guess they will chalk it up to the virus I was fighting.

Anyway, so I mentioned I came home yesterday, and Jude was doing so well with his therapist. She explained that Jude is trying to push up on his own, and doing very well on the ball. She also said that he has learned "up up up", which we know because we taught him that. Also, she said he is learning "more". When he wants "more" he hits his toys, or gets very excited and wiggles around a lot. Jude is also eating wonderfully, and even took mashed potato's, and macaroni yesterday. The older Jude gets the more I can tell that the stroke caused paralysis on his right side. I think this is the biggest hold up with him holding his head up. He is using his left arm more and more, he focuses more with his left eye, and he will turn to the left more. The doctor mentioned that when Jude gets old they may investigate removing his Corpus Callosum. This would isolate his seizures to the right side of his brain thus leaving room for his left side to develop more. That's years down the road, but it is an interesting path they are talking about taking.

Here is a picture of Em and her cousin Faith at the Phatom Saturday, aren't they pretty?

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Our Journey said...

hope you feel better soon! i have been sick for 12 days now, not fun! no energy, lots of headaches, always tired and now pain.. must be in the air!

take care

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you ALL of our snow! Y'all deserve to enjoy our weather so we will share! Feel better Jenn!

A Girl Named Me said...

OK..I won't tell you to slow down and take on less because anyone who has been reading your blog for awhile will know that is definitely not going to happen.

What I will say, though, is that I hope you are taking time to take care of yourself in the midst of all of these other things.

It doesn't sound like the way you're feeling is caused by stress, but we all know that stress doesn't make us feel any better. Even if it's good stress.

I sound like your someone's mom. Ug.

Feel better.

Katy said...

Ok, I dont' want to be all doctory on you, but the brain is opposite--the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.

Charlie is also dominant on the left side and that can be a little tough because a lot of toys are right-handed--Charlie finds a way, though!

I'm so glad Jude is eating well. Have you tried spaghetti ohs yet? We did Spaghetti toddler meals with Charlie and he LOVED them when he was small.

Bronx Cataldo's said...

How are you feeling today?