Monday, February 22, 2010

dreams again

We had a nice weekend, which was wonderful. Jude did well all weekend, until yesterday. Mike's mom came to watch Jude for a few hours because I had a Scentsy party, and Mike was painting a salon for a friend. When I walked back in the door Jude was crying, and crying. I took him, and he seemed to calm down for a bit, and we just chalked it up to the fact he needed his mom. Then a little later he started the constant crying again, and I was at a loss. I gave him some Motrin, but he kept crying, so we tried Mylanta. I then tried some teething gel, and I am not sure which medication worked, but he finally calmed down. I then had to hold him the rest of the night, because he would have no part of being put down. Then I about ten I gave him his nightly medication, and he threw up everywhere!! Although, it was his strawberry pediasure that I fed him about five so I think his tummy had been hurting. He then just went straight to sleep, and slept all night long. He woke up this morning in smiles, so whatever it was that caused the issue seems to have disappeared. Jude's nurse starts today, and I will let you guys know how that goes.

So I had two strange issues with dreams last night. I seem to have the same dream over, and over, so I am going to share it on here to get your Freudian opinions. I think I mentioned it before and everyone just said I was nuts, ha! So rather than calling me crazy I am looking for a dissection of the dream itself. I have had this dream so many times that I know the exact route of the streets in my dream, and various people show up in it. Let me preface with letting you know that when my grandparents were alive they would travel to California every summer. Since I lived with them I have been with them twice, and driving all that way was a lasting memory. So in my dream I am always with my grandparents, and I have 16 hours to make it back to DFW to be at work the next morning. I remember being really stressed because I know if I don't make it back I will lose my job. On top of that we have all brought separate vehicles, and I have to drive back alone. I remember being really upset because I don't want to drive back by myself, and I know I have to cross two large suspension bridges to get back home. I hate suspension bridges, so therefore I am very stressed out because I don't want to cross them alone. They are man made twists of metal and scare me to death. So in last nights dream I was sitting on the side of the road crying because I didn't want to cross the bridge, and I was hoping my grandfather would show up. Instead Mike showed up, and told me I was being ridiculous, and needed to get my butt across the bridge. Then I woke up.

After that I went back to sleep, and had a dream my heart was in serious physical pain. I woke up, and realized I had incorporated a real event into my dream. My heart was hurting so bad, and it wasn't like heartburn. I felt like someone was squeezing my heart, and it was just painful. This really scared me, and I woke Mike up. We were both concerned, but soon the pain subsided. I have never had issues like that, so I guess it's something I eventually need to get checked out. Maybe it was just stress from my prior dream? I am normally pretty healthy, so it was a bit of a shock.

So what's the verdict? Do you have any reoccuring dreams? My grandfather always had one that he was on an elevator trying to get to the 13th floor, but everyone knows there is never a 13th floor.


A Girl Named Me said...

In dreams....traveling usually signifies a path in your life. Bridges are transitions to different parts of your life.

So. You're going down a path and you're resisting and afraid of the transition. And look who is there to encourage you - Mike!

The interesting thing about this "trip" is that you feel pressure to make it in a certain period of time or face some really bad consequences. This makes me wonder if someone is pressuring you to change ... or else? (Could that be Mike?)

I used to have horrible elevator dreams. It doesn't take a genius to figure them out - up and down, up and down...sometimes, they would stop between floors and I couldn't get off. It was all about where I was with my relationship with Ex #1 (who was not yet an Ex!).

I love dreams and trying to figure them out.

I hope Jude is feeling better. Sounds like he just had to get something out of his system - literally!

claire said...

you should look into Jungian descriptions of dreams instead of Freudian ideas. Carl Jung was way more into the metaphysical and unconscious part of our brain

Cars are a common and complex dream symbol. A moving car means you are headed toward a goal or moving ahead in general. Being in the driver's seat shows that you are taking chargee of your life. Likewise, being in the passenger's seat means you are letting someone control you. A stolen or lost car symbolizes that you are losing control of your life. A car can also represent the physical body, so pay attention to the appearence of the car. See also: driving, road, vehicle.

Katy said...

I would think--and I know nothing about dreams--that you're on a path and sometimes you feel alone. And sometimes you feel stressed. Sounds a lot like mothering to me!

Dawn said...

Tornado dreams. There is always more than one and I am hiding under a house watching them get closer and closer. I've had this dream over and over for 10 years. I used to live in Iowa, so I'm thinking that has a lot to do with it.