Sunday, September 20, 2009

A weekend update

It's been a fun weekend so far. Emily's game did get cancelled so we spent the day together yesterday roaming to mall. We had a nice time together, and now today we are listening to my husband yell over fantasy football. It is rather comical how upset he gets over his players, he is so loud he literally cannot hear Jude if he cries. That's right, I have the loudest husband in TX!

Jude is doing well, but is limiting his eating again. He is very smiley today though, and is currently playing with Emily. He seems to respond to her so well, and like he truly understands who she is. When he is with me I sometimes wonder if he knows who I am especially since I am not always at home due to work. I really hope that as time passes Jude will begin to display more milestones like reaching, grabbing, and hopefully sitting.

Jude is also still choking a lot on his saliva, but seems to get over it each time. Tomorrow Em leaves for camp, and I am going to miss her very much!!

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A Girl Named Me said...

I'm sure Jude recognizes you. How many times have you posted here that he turns to your voice and does his famous laugh/scream when you're playing with him.

The guilt of a working mom is awful anytime. I'm sure it's ten-fold for you. I'm also sure, though, that he knows and loves you.