Friday, September 4, 2009

Playing with mommy

Last night Emily, and her cousin had softball practice so we all went to enjoy the fresh air. Jude kept gasping each time the wind would hit him in the face, but he seemed to like it. At one point I took Jude out of his car seat, and he seemed to be trying to play with me. His legs would wiggle, he would open and shut his mouth, and would smile real big at me. In between playing he had a few spasms, and I am beginning to wonder if the increase in spasms isn't the cause for the recent temper tantrums.

Anyway, I digress sometimes Jude plays with me, and sometimes he just stares off. I can call his name, and he won't even turn towards me. At other times he will immediately turn right towards my voice, and give me the biggest grin. Also, last night he was keeping his head up a bit, and I would notice how cute he is. I told him when he learns to keep his head up all the time, he is going to get all the ladies.

To our great surprise all 250 boxes arrived last night for Emily's Smile Boxes. I had originally ordered gable boxes with snowmen, but the shipment was taking to long. Em and I then decided on white gable boxes so we could put her label on them. Mike suggested having her classmates draw pictures on the boxes, but I am not sure I am up to another task. I have my hands a bit full right now. I am actually very pleased with how they turned out. So we will be having a small Christmas cookie party at our house, and inviting people to come help us put all the boxes together. We will then drop these off, and start on regular boxes. Here is the final product, what do you think?

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mom2nji said...

They are adorable! Its amazing how well her idea is taking off!

Mara said...

Too cute !
Let me know in advance when your party would be.... we may be able to pull a road trip off !!! I think it would be great for Caitlin to get to meet Em and I know she would love to help and be a part of it !!!!