Monday, September 14, 2009

a deep belly laugh

I didn't have time to update this weekend so I will lump everything into this post. Friday night Emily had a birthday party, and dinner with her dad. Mike, and I stayed home, and took the evening off because I knew it was going to be a very busy weekend.

Emily, and I had been invited to pageant to set up a little booth to sell raffle tickets for Emily's Smile Boxes. Yes, say what you will about pageants or talent competitions but Demi L, Oprah, Justin T, and all them did them, and besides they offered to help Em out. So we left Saturday, and Sunday morning to set our little table up. We sold small items at our table, along with raffle tickets for great donated prizes. I am happy to report that we made $300 for Emily's Smile Boxes, so a big THANKS to all that helped out. We were very tired by the end of the weekend, but THRILLED we made so much. We are now considering making Halloween boxes to go with the Christmas boxes since we will be dropping them off in October.

We got home on Sunday evening, and Mike immediately handed me Jude. I enjoyed seeing him, and had missed him very much. I was going to take Jude with me Sunday, but Mike said it was game day, and Jude had to be in his uniform on the couch with him. So Em, and I both played with Jude for awhile once we got home. Anyway, Em would kiss him on his cheeks, and make a high pitched whistle noise. Suddenly Jude started laughing hard, and it wasn't his pterodactyl squeal. He was actually giving us a deep belly laugh to where his shoulders were shaking. Emily and I got such a kick out of this that she continued to do her routine over, and over, until Jude was tired of laughing. I ran upstairs to tell Mike, and he was sad he missed it. I am hoping Jude will do that again soon.So Mike texted me earlier, and told me that Jude was refusing to eat again today. I am unsure what his issue is with feeding, but we will hopefully work it out eventually.

Ok, now on to the issue with Kanye West, and Taylor Swift. Taylor is Emily's favorite singer, and I know she will be furious when she hears what happened at the MTV awards. I think Beyonce's video was wonderful too, but is it necessary to pull a hissy fit in front of millions of people because you don't agree with the decision made for who won?? We all have our own opinions on what is right in this life, what is good, what we enjoy, and what we shouldn't enjoy. I guess I am glad we have good ole Kanye around to teach my child how one SHOULDN'T behave!

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