Thursday, September 10, 2009

a walk

Jude gave Mike issues again yesterday with his temper tantrums, and poor Mike got so frustrated. Although, by the time I got home Jude was all smiles, and that was great. I decided to take both of the kids on a walk, and we enjoyed the evening air, and Emily enjoyed telling me about her day.
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Jude, and Emily both went to sleep within thirty minutes of each other last night, which is amazing. It was a hint of normalcy in our house which is something we don't always feel. Today Jude has ECI therapy, and we are hoping he does not throw any tantrums so the PT can work with him. I also called and talked with the other therapy center, and they are going to evaluate Jude once they receive a prescription from his doctor. His doctor is fabulous, and gets us anything Jude needs so I am not worried about that taking place. The next few weeks promise to be full of steps towards making Jude a bit more independent.

I do need some feedback. If your child received smile box, what would they like to receive inside of it? Without limitation of funds please let me know. We put markers, crayons, coloring books, mad libs, stuffed animals, stickers, stamps, pens, and card games. I need other ideas, ask your kids, and let me know.


Caroline said...

Sweets! :0)
love to u all

Candace said...

How about some of those mini play dough tubs? You know, the kind like they pass out at Halloween, the teeny tiny kind. Sorry, that's the only suggestion I could come up with!

Mara said...

I hope this doesnt sound silly but a disposable camera ! They gave us one in our goodie bag when Kayden had her surgery, because Kayden was so small we gave it to Caitlin. she got to help take pics of things in the hospital and it helped put a positive spin on a very heartbreaking experience ! She looked for the "good" things to take pictures of to help remember our experience positively.

Or what about "cool" cups. Ones with pictures or bright colors. that they can drink water out of instead of the generic ones from the hospital ???? And they can keep it after.

Cjengo said...

great thoughts Mara, and everyone! We do include bright colored water bottles, and we are talking about putting in camera's, and picture frames.

Anonymous said...

What about a Bible?

Kristen Andrews said...

sweet pic, temper tantrums are never fun but do usually make kiddos tired :)