Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hissy fits, and holding

When I got home yesterday Mike had to go to my sisters to evaluate a painting job they needed. Jude, and I spent some quiet time together since the house was empty. This was basically me holding Jude because he did not want to be put down. Mike said he had been battling Judes temper again all day, and his need to be held. I noticed that Jude's nose was rather yucky, and I believe he is getting a little cold. This causes his increase in the seizures I mentioned, and he probably didn't feel 100%. This is probably allergy related because of all the issues with the rain, and the air.

So I held Jude, but also had to set him down every now and then, and he didn't like that much. Finally I fed him a bottle, and turned on the Beatles cd, and he went fast asleep. Mike came home telling me I put him to bed to early, but Jude slept through the night. I enjoyed my time holding Jude, but I wonder why he feels he must be held all time. I don't mind holding him at all, in face I LOVE IT, but I still wonder if it's a sensory issue. Whatever it is I will make him feel secure.

I am afraid that therapy could not work with Jude again yesterday because he was so upset. I am hoping this issue stops soon so he can benefit from what ECI has to offer. Also, he starts with his new therapy center in two weeks. Therefore, he will be getting therapy 3 times a week.

So my entire office smells like Scentsy Snowberry, and it's wonderful! My boss just came in raving about the fragrance, and took off with a catalog. I swear this stuff sells itself which is great!

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Anonymous said...

I recently learned there is a boy in Parker's daycare that had a stroke in utero, Hydrocephalus, Schizencephaly and CVI. He has been there about 6 months now. He had been kicked out of 5 daycares because of his crying and the fact that he had to be held.
He loves to be in a hammock (industrial looking one that is blue). Since it holds him tight, I think he thinks he is being held.
He still has times of being upset, but has greatly improved. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Parker & Amy Hendrix