Thursday, September 17, 2009

a bit of information for you

It's another rainy day in SeaTexas. I am pondering the thought of buying a copy of Ark building for dummies.

I had received an email from Tara at Kidz a connection for inspiration requesting to list information regarding my blog, and I was so honored. So yesterday she featured Jude's story, and I cannot thank her enough! Please visit

Earlier Mike called, and Jude was screaming as loud as he possibly could in the background. Mike was again about to pull out the remainder of his hair that's turned gray from stress. I am not sure why Jude does this, and no one seems to have an answer. The neurologist thinks it's purely behavioral, and I again think this may be genetic. I keep telling Mike I think he is getting paid back, but he doesn't like that answer to much. I actually feel terrible for Mike, and Jude when Jude throws his tantrums. When he gets in a bad mood there is truly nothing that will make him happy until he gets his anger out. Mike has learned that he has to put Jude in his bed and let him cry for a bit, and he will calm himself down. I sometimes wonder if this isn't pure frustration because like a stroke victim Jude mentally wants to do thing, and physically cannot.

On another note I have found a bit more energy. I am not sure where I pulled it out from, but I found some because I have started a weekend business. I really needed to find a way to make some extra money to pay off medical bills, and have a bit of spending money. I was tired of feeling like I am just treading water since Jude's diagnosis. Also, it's a great way to fundraise for Em's smile boxes because I can give up to 15% towards her cause. Anyway, drum roll..........I am now a Scentsy girl! Now let me explain that when I received a candle party, or jewelry party invite in the mail I normally CRINGE. Although, I went to a scentsy show, and was so 100% impressed with the product that I signed up under my friend Kel. It is as they say, the hottest new thing in candles, and they are wickless, and flameless. I will probably have them in every room of my house at some point. So if you are interested in any scentsy products please remember I am a distributor, and I would be happy to help you. Here is my direct link .

Our life seems to be a little more normal lately, and I welcome the relief. I have ran into old friends, and I hope we can see them again. I also just feel a little more comfortable with our situation, and have more confidence in Jude's abilities.


Katy said...

If Charlie has a temper tantrum the only way we could deal with it was to let him scream it out. Music does help keep him calm throughout the day though.

Congrats on your new business--that's exciting.

Dawn said...

I don't know if you will think this sounds silly or not, but you mention that Jude will start screaming even if he SEES you starting to get up. Which obviously means he can see what you are doing. I have a sign language baby book. (It's just a board picture book with basic signs... for "more","up","drink","eat" etc.) maybe like you said, he has a lot going on in his head, but can't seem to get it out so this could help? Not sure how much arm control he has.

Also... I have a huge box of beanie babies if you would like them for Emily's Smile Boxes unless you are all Beanie Babied out!