Wednesday, May 25, 2011

therapy and tornado's

Well getting through to me at work today should be a chore. We have been inundated with claims and more due to the storms. At least it makes for a busy day.

So last night I raced home because I knew bad weather was imminent. As stated before I am not a fan of bad weather. I am fascinated by it so it's rather a love hate type relationship. I am not one to live in fear but I am respectful of mother nature because I have seen the destruction tornado's can cause. Once I got home we started watching the TV and tracking the weather. Suddenly my text messages started going off stating "tornado heading for you". So we started clearing out the bathroom and discussing whether we should leave for the tornado shelter nearby (a friends cellar). When we finally decided to leave it was to late. Hail start pummeling our car so we turned around and went back home. Suddenly the tornado sirens activated, it got really quiet (never a good sign), and then it all hit. Once we heard the sirens deactivate we emerged from the house to survey the sky. We could hear the weather station inside focusing their coverage on areas past ours so we thought we were safe. Suddenly I saw the clouds began to rotate and I pointed them out to Mike. He ran to get his camera (of course) and when his battery was dead he grabbed my camera as I shot pictures from my cell phone. I snapped a quick photo and then rushed to the bathroom to hide with Emily, but luckily the funnel never touched down.

So we were all luckily all spared and we didn't suffer any major damage.

I went to Jude's therapy today at Our House. They started with the Vital Stem which is placed on his throat. It gives off small electrical impulses to help him learn to swallow. Well he got very very upset today. He was so upset that he threw up twice. I grabbed a towel and caught everything in a timely manner. Poor guy! He just got so upset that he made himself sick. The rest of the therapy seemed to go this way until I had to leave. I am hoping PT had better luck and I will find that out tonight.

So remember the customer who came in and told me I needed to pray more for Jude? Well without going into specifics someone else came in telling my co-worker that it was actually the fault of my ancestors, that someone must have done something wrong and I had been cursed for it. Really people? really? sigh! Good thing I was at lunch because I sure don't think Jude is a curse.


sarah said...

people can be so unfeeling! They will pick ANY reason for things not going right. I suppose my ancestors are to blame for my son's autism, and my other son's speech delay?!

Jude is NOT a curse, he is a blessing. If nothing else, Jude inspired Emily to create her smile through Emily, he has been blessing people he never met!

A Girl Named Me said...

I'm so glad you don't believe the BS those people spout.

It is shocking to me that people actually believe those kind of things.

Glad you're all safe from the storms.


Reagan Leigh said...

It's called a generational curse. I've been told about this before. It basically says that you are experiencing misfortune/hardships because of things your ancestors did (parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents, etc...). And not that Jude himself is a curse, but that he has hardships because of a curse, if that makes sense. Some people really and truly believe that. I'm not sure. It's possible, I guess. But then, anything is possible.

Jennifer M said...

some people really are strang arent they....every child is a blessing. i interpret it to mean that you are just a stronger mother then the average mother.

glad to hear the storm did not cause you any damage.

take care from Ontario Canada