Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A doctor visit and a missing kid

Charlotte and Jude went to Jude's first big doctor appointment without us in attendance today. Charlotte was able to record the entire visit so I am anxious to see it. They went to visit the pulmonologist for a check up.  The doctor said Jude is doing well, but he did say that he agreed with the first pulmonologist and that Jude will need his tonsils out. Although he also said he wasn't going to press the issue because "in children like Jude" taking their tonsils out can present other issues. There is that ole "children like Jude" statement, but I have grown used to hearing it. I know what they mean and it isn't meant to be hurtful. Friday we have the meeting with Jude's school and I will be available at this appointment. I plan on asking lots of questions. I am also very anxious to see where Jude will be attending school.

So Emily gave us a scare yesterday. She requested to attend band practice after school and was going to ride home with her friend across the street. Well her friend texted me letting me know Emily was not found after band practice and they had to leave the school. I was rather calm at first calling the schools front desk searching for Emily. A teacher checked with another student who confirmed he had not seen her in band practice either. It snowballed from there. No one could locate her, no one saw her leave, and everyone (especially me) was up in arms. Emily had left her phone at home so we couldn't reach her. My dad lives around the corner from her school so I called him requesting he go by her school. I was afraid Emily was waiting outside, but he couldn't find her either. Although he did confirm with her band teacher she had been in class. I felt a little better after hearing she was in class and then suddenly Emily came strolling through the door. She strolled right into me tearing into her for not calling me. It turns out that when she couldn't find her initial ride so she secured another ride. This was resourceful on her part, but I made it VERY clear I expect a phone call if this ever happens again. My exact words were "Gees girl the school almost called 911!".

Speaking of Emily I had to share what she said the other day. Emily and I are leaving next Friday for a pageant in Kentucky. Emily is SO excited for it!! Our friend Gina and her daughter are going with us so it will be one big girls weekend laced with chocolate sundae's! Anyway, they are giving a title based solely off facial beauty that wins $5000. Emily wants this title.......bad. So while riding in my car she said "Mommy if I win the $5000 can I put it in a fund so you can have another baby". I didn't even know what to reply. Mike was in my passenger seat and we both just stammered a bit. I finally got out how thoughtful it was for her to offer to help, but that was a decision Mike and I had to make. I then explained how expensive babies are and how expensive having a baby really is. Anyway, I thought it was sweet, but it caught me off guard.

I just put another call into Jude's neuro about the Keto diet. I am anxious to get started, but I have yet to get the information on the doctor he wants us to see.

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