Monday, May 23, 2011

Kentucky, planes, and a bumble bee

Our weekend was a whirlwind, but we had a pretty good time. Thursday night Emily and I departed from DFW airport. We sat at gate D16 for awhile until we suddenly realized they changed our gate to C14 which required us to sprint across the airport to the sky tram, said tram ended up being Emily's favorite thing ever. Once we arrived at the gate Emily immediately found a pageant friend that was on the same flight. Her little friend won one of the biggest titles awarded this past weekend.

Our flight was delayed due to some "maintenance issues" which scared me since I hate to fly. Luckily we had a great captain who assured us it was just a light bulb. Emily and I flew stand by and we got to sit in first class. She was impressed with the cookies she got. Once we landed in Kentucky we had to catch a shuttle to the hotel. By the time we got to bed it was about 2am, but luckily we got to sleep in the next morning. Our friend Gina that gets us the plane passes brought her daughter to watch Emily compete. We had a GREAT time together!!!

Emily and Gina participated in Karaoke night at the hotel....oh yes they did! They sang Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".

On Friday night Emily participated in interview. She seemed a little out of sorts, just not herself. I figured she was just nervous and I just tried to calm her down.

Sophia seemed to have a great time! She talked Gina into buying her a pink pony that a vendor had for sale in front of the ballroom. The pink pony went everywhere with us that weekend. He even got a salad at dinner with us, courtesy of the plants in the restaurant.....doh!

Overall Emily did well, but I could tell she was just not herself. She looked amazing in beauty, which is where they wear their ball gowns, but the rest of the time she looked off. She finally admitted she didn't feel well (the mono) but was afraid to tell me because she wanted to come so bad. She is right, I would have cancelled the trip if she had informed me she was under the weather again. Emily ended up pulling what's called divisional beauty. It wasn't the title she was hoping for, but she still won something. So we had a long talk about how life works and how you cannot always get what you want. She was gracious and congratulated all the winners.

Once we got home Jude was VERY happy to see us. Emily gave him her bumble bee pillow pet that she had won. He hugged it and smiled. Mike said he had been angry the night before and he believes it's because he was wanting his mommy time.

I still haven't gotten Jude's blood results yet. I did put a call into the neuro today to see if they have them. I am waiting on their phone call back.

So overall we had a good time in Kentucky.


Gilda said...

So glad you girls had so much fun together! and just curious how long does mono last, or is it just the getting back to normal self that's affecting Emily?

Cjengo said...

It can last up to 3 months. I had one lady tell me her daughter dealt with the affects from the illness for a year, ugh!