Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A really bad seizure

Jude had a very bad seizure tonight. He lost oxygen for awhile and we began to panic. He also had a hold of my hair so I was writhing in pain while Mike was trying to get Jude to breathe. I plan on putting a call into the neuro tomorrow. We were warned that the older he gets the more his seizures could progress.

I am now praying for the Keto doctor to call soon!


Claire said...

maybe i am really annoying but I would call twice a day till someone gave me either info or an appointment ASAP.

Bummer about the seizure that is really tough.

Reagan Leigh said...

How scary! I hate seizures!

Gilda said...

Poor sweet Jude. I am sorry this scares me. I can't imagen what you all feel like seeing him go through these horrible thing.