Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gymboree time!

When we first attended Gymboree two weeks ago I thought it may be a fluke Jude was so responsive, but it seems it's not a fluke. Jude really loves Gymboree!! He has a certain spark about him whenever the teacher is singing, and we interact with him. He "talks", and tries to smile. He has lost some of his smile with the medication he is on, but you can tell in his eyes he is having fun. During "tummy time" Jude even tracked some of the rolling balls with his eyes, and then even did a good job of sitting up while I held his hands. I was very proud of him today! I guess it's an escape for him, and for us from his horrible seizures. Emily was able to contribute since she is still on school break, and she really loved working with Jude. I think she thought it was pretty "babyish" at first, but then realize it's suppose to be. I even ending up buying Jude a Gymboree puppet and CD because he likes it so much. I figured Mike could work with him at home with these items. We did hear from ECI and they will be at our house on Tuesday to evaluate Jude and start him in therapy. We still have not heard from anyone regarding the medically dep children program, but I hope we will soon.

Mike just called and he and Em were at Subway eating with their Subway gift card they got. Em was super excited about this! Anyway, I told him I needed to fix a little something to take to my cousins tonight to share with everyone to eat. He said he really didn't feel like going anywhere, and I said "neither do I, but we need to get out!". I explained that we need to keep some normalcy in our lives, and that we need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. He said with a tiny giggle "Well fine but I am not shaving nor changing.......and sitting in the corner!". lol! He is a stinker.

Look at me sitting like they said I never would........with help, but still!
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"Gymbo" the clown singing to Jude
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Emily playing with Gymbo
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Tummy Time!
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Web-Wahm said...

Hi it's zacsmum here from the forum's WONDERFUL to see these pics after knowing what you guys went through, following your story while Jude was still inside you. To see him now, wow.

My own little girl didn't have half as many problems as Jude, but I was still offered termination...when I look at her now geez makes my skin crawl. She is gorgeous and is showing no delay, to think...

Anyway, best of luck and I hope Jude keeps going from strength to strength xxx

Sarah H said...

What a beautiful little boy you have! I found you from a blog search on pediatric son who is now 6 had one at birth!

Keep up that determination! There is so much out there to help him, but you have to fight for it all! Open every single door you can, and never turn anything down!

luane said...

I love the pics Jenn,,, keep posting them. I like reading and seeing his face with the posts.

luane said...

Jenn, I get super nervous when I dont see any typing for a day or so.... Please let me know if you need anything. I got your box today for brittanys auction.. I am sure it will help bring in some extra money for her. Thanks!

luane said...


NandAMommy said...

Jude is such a beautiful little boy!!! :)