Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am tired...

I am tired today. In fact I feel like I could curl up in my bed and sleep the day away. I woke up several times last night for various reasons. The last reason being that Jude woke up with a seizure again, and I heard him in his bassinet. I carefully took him out of his bed, and laid him in Mike's arms. Mike then massaged Jude's head putting pressure on that one point I told you about, and the seizure started going away. So the three of us fell back asleep together until Emily came in to get ready for school. I am not sure if getting down to three-four seizures a day is normal, or if they will have to change his meds.

Emily's counselor called this morning, and said he had a long talk with her. He said he thinks she is handling this so well that he left it up to her on when she would like to see him again. SO that's good to hear!!! I know she will have her down moments, and I will be there for her. Now if I can just get her to realize when I ask her to feed her cats it means to change their water too, and that putting her laundry up doesn't mean just lying it on her bed.... :). ha! She has her Christmas party tomorrow at school, and then is out for a week. I think she is excited about the break in school.

I am going to try to work through lunch, and leave a little early today. So I am going to keep this update brief. I will check in later.

** ~ Well after I wrote the above Mike called, and said that Jude was having another seizure. Whether than waiting he just gave him a dose of Klonnopin, and now Jude is sleeping soundly. It seems the IRS is also out our house......they don't care much about a crisis huh? It's ok though because we always work everything out. Jude smiled and "talked" to me a lot last night as Mike professed "he must be bored with me". Which is far from true, but it was so nice to see his smiles. I am anxious to get home to see them again.

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