Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mike's turn

Well I guess it's Mike's turn to cry today. Jude has had several seizures today, and its so hard on Mike to watch. I just put a call into the doctors office to see if we should be looking for something specific that constitutes an emergency. So I tried to calm Mike down, and tell him that I am here for him. Breaks my heart to hear Mike upset though. Well I am super busy at work, thank goodness for that, so I better get back to work. I also got two websites sent to me today people have set up for Jude. One is a photo contest that has been set up where they are donating the proceeds, and the other is just a site for Jude. So nice of people!!!! I will post the link in my link box soon.

Ps. We heard back from the doctor who is giving Jude an additional dosage of the phenobarb today. If the seizures continue then they want us to bring him in, but I hope that doesn't happen.


Anonymous said...

Our family has added yours to our Pray For list on the fridge. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

My name is Jean. I'm a friend of Susie Clinesmith. Her son, Jerry used to play with my kids back in the 70's. Susie sent me the link to your blog about Jude.
Let me tell you that your story has touched my heart so much. You both are so very strong and very good, loving parents.
I think little Jude takes after both of you!
I just lost my son, Mark, back in March of this year. He was 32 years old. He's with God now, I'm sure. I have my own story, poems, etc. which I keep writing to help me get through my pain.
I am waiting for the websites for Jude to be posted, and I read your story every day.
I pray for your little family. Don't you dare give up hope! For now, lets just keep sending those prayers up for him. Both of your children are beautiful and you already know how blessed you are for the time you have, right now, with your kids.
If ever you need to talk to someone who understands what you are going through, I'll be there.