Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sleep Walking

Jude did not sleep well again last night, and therefore Mike and I didn't either. Jude actually woke up with two different seizures, which was so disappointing because he barely had any yesterday during the day. So Mike and I are both fighting to stay awake today, but I think Mike is a little more tired than I am. He is coming up to my office at eleven so I will get to see both him and the baby today.
I had noticed yesterday when I got home that Jude looked a little pale. When I went to change his diaper his hands and feet were noticeably white....and very cold. I began to panic a little thinking maybe he had pneumonia and that his oxygen level was depleted. Although, I searched his lips and didn't see any signs of blue. So I relaxed some and put him in a very warm pair of pajamas, and then wrapped him up in a blanket to hold him. Soon he began to pink up, and he fell fast asleep. I know babies with his issues can have temperature control problems because their brain cannot regulate their body. Also, that medication can cause blood flow problems. Although, it could just be Jude is cold natured...my sister has cold hands. In other words it sucks because you never know what constitutes an emergency, so you really just have to work from gut instinct. Another thing I noticed last night is Jude has a new twitch where his arms go to the right and so do his eyes. I told Mike I think it's another form of a seizure, but he believes it's just muscle spasms. He said the seizures can break down muscle control within the body. I didn't know that part, and I am learning more each day. Although, I think the point stands that I am seeing more issues with Jude, and I only hope he can overcome them. I forgot to mention that I had Jude upstairs at one point talking to him, and he was smiling again. He then started "talking" and it was very cute. Mike said "You can always get him to talk so much".
Anyway, I dreamt again last night of being on a warm beach (in a bikini body) relaxing by the ocean....then I woke up (darnit)! It could be because we had the space heater in our room last night so it was very nice and toasty. It could be because I wanted to escape, or it could be because I saw a corona commercial....who knows. I also had a dream that Emily's dad was ill.....which was scary.
Today is our company Christmas party which is always nice. I work in a very small office so we are all more like family. Every year we go to Saltgrass, and have lunch for about two hours while we chit chat. We give our boss his gift, and he gives us our Christmas bonus.....which will be well used this year!
I will write more later.


The Govan's said...

I never got to go to those christmas parties! i had to answer the phone! lol:) Hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful holiday! God Bless you and your family Jenn! Love you:)

The Govan's said...

how about i just now realized i had comments! i thought no one was reading my blog! i am such a nerd! i know i shouldnt be worried about my pregnancy! but this book i am reading says its normal! and i am a worry wort! i like that your doctor does a sono on every appt! i will have to see about that! and of course he is nice now! that is how it goes! lol:)

Reagan Leigh said...

The twitch where the arms go up and the eyes follow...very common. Especially in Infantile Spasms. I know you said your doctor said it wasn't IS, but I would just keep your eyes open. Reagan's first doctor swore to us it wasn't IS (and we wanted so badly to believe him), and he did not treat it as aggressively as they would have treated IS. I still blame him for missing that important window of opportunity for aggressive treatment. Just keep in mind...the doctors don't know everything and often times they are wrong! Ours admitted a year later that she does in fact have a classic case of IS.

Pasifik said...
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Cjengo said...

I think Pasifik you are being nice based on the pictures on my page. Either that or my blog instills horrible pictures in your mind. Trust me ..... horrible pictures are instilled in mine daily through this ordeal. Although, through experience I wish I had had someone elses story to read regarding this situation so therefore I am doing this to help others.