Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well it seems I got my first negative comment....

Hmmm seems I received my first negative "make an assumption" comment from someone who doesn't even know me, but decided to read my blog. Hence... they formed their on conclusions and posted a comment. So even though it's not necessary let me set some things straight.

1. I was only 34 when I got pregnant with Jude
3. I never ever do drugs
4. I am healthy
5. I worked out.
6. We have a good life and lifestyle

I am a genuinely good person with a good job I have had for over 15 years. I love my family and only wanted a healthy baby. At no fault of my own my little boy had a stroke in utero!!! As the neurologist put it "We got one of those awful life roulette moments and we got the bullet" They don't know what caused it....and normally never do in situation like this. They do know it happens to many mothers whether they are "ADVANCED AGE" (thanks 4 pointing that out) or not! I know a woman that was only 24 and, the same thing happened to her daughter.

Gees people I mean really .............. are there people like this that truly exist?? Sometimes it amazes me because I am just naive I guess. I have a tendency to think EVERYONE is good at heart.
I cry each night for my child... I weep with him in my arms. I think of how unfair it is that some women don't even want their child they do drugs, the live on the street etc. .........well I want my child and I am normal! So you want to hear me get mad?? I will at this even though it shouldn't make me upset. You ungrateful piece of ***** **** how dare you even insinuate that I didn't have my child's best interest in mind with my "maternal age". I know I open myself up by posting my complete feelings on here, but the emails I have received from women going through this that appreciate my blog outrank your cold dumb *** any day. So see I can Excuse my french ;). God Bless guys! On another note after reading this aforementioned comment my funny husband had Jude up doing a "dance" and singing about the poster ...........and trust me it was HILARIOUS!

Anyway, again have a fabulous Christmas and don't think this got me down. I know we are better than this. I have some great pics of the kids I will post on Monday. I will also post more on Jude's status. Until then we are showing him how we track Santa on Norad. Also, I had a wonderful email from a lady tonight that was on a chat support forum with me. In excerpt she said:

"Hi Jenn! Don't be sorry! We cry from time to time and never in a million years did we think ___ would still be in the hospital! ___ has seizures too but his have been controlled with phenobarb at this time. But still the poor little guy has so many things messed up that I just have to admire the fight he has put up so far! I keep thinking of how my daughter had all of these plans for him to be a tough guy, play football and stuff......and now we are just happy for a fleeting smile, that he might see out of one eye, or that maybe he can get off of the ventilator some day.........I just love him so much it hurts! Jude is such a cute little guy and another fighter too! These sweet babies have a purpose....they bring love. compassion and caring to everyone they touch. Merry Christmas and have faith!"

I replied:

"I know EXACTLY how you feel. It's amazing how a small smile can somehow compensate for a touchdown in the last minutes of a game. I told Mike today when he was so down about Jude. "Babe, just think about all the moms that will spend their Christmases in the hospital..........we have a lot to be thankful for". I won't post your name, but I would love to post your comment on my board. It sums up how we all feel! "

I read her email outloud and Mike teared up and pointed. He said in a broken voice "You tell that nice great lady that is EXACTLY how I feel....she understands".


Julie said...

People can be so stupid and quick to judge. How rude! I'm sorry you've had to deal with that... and good for you for telling him/her to basically shut the f up! :) lol

Adri-mom0f3 said...

Hi Cjengo! I come on ur blog every once in awhile to check up on Jude and I read this and I have to say it really ticked me off. Even though I have no idea what that b**** wrote I know that I can say she must be one ignorant dumba** b***H. Wipe ur a** with all the negative stuff because you know over at i-am-pregnant....we got your back lol....the nerve of that woman...YOu are still YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL with a GORGEOUS and loving family. She's probably just upset because she will never be half the person you are! Merry Christmas and give baby Jude a kiss for me!

Anonymous said...

The person who insinuated these comments is sick. I am expecting twins, number 5 and 6 in our family and have the same responses from some people ..... how lucky I am to have 5 healthy children and how sooner or later I was bound to get one that had something wrong .... yeah right. People like this need to keep it zipped, and I like you would never hold back in saying that. It is great to see how well Jude is getting on and how honest and open you can be about your situation, you have helped me, as you have helped others, keep going and never feel responsible for your situation.

Kelly said...

My eyes were as big as the moon when I read that you had a negative commenter! What in the world? I just can't imagine! I'm sorry you had to read that! (whatever it was) I'm glad you deleted to take away its power!! Jude is so loved by so many!! Merry Christmas!! Thinking and praying for you and your family!! xoxo

Cjengo said...

Thank you for your support. We are doing just fine today with it, and brushed his negative comment off. We have had a wonderful Christmas so far!!! Em and Jude both smiled and laughed a lot. It's a great and wonderful day.

Mara said...

Dumb lady ! Doesnt she know that we say all those things to ourselves when we find out the bad news of not having the perfect baby we have dreamed of. We go through everything we have done in our lives and ask what we did to deserve this to happen to us ? Does she think she could be saying something to us that we have not already ask ourselves ? No wonder it is so easy for you to brush off. I am sure there is nothing she has said that you didnt already ask yourself. Having a baby with special needs puts us through several steps including grief and guilt. And we are past those stages- right ! Now we are in acceptance ~ smile. And in acceptance we accept there are really stupid people out there. and that is why we have special babies cause God sure didnt trust one of these idiots to love and take care of one of these special babies ! So you hug Jude and tell him to appreciate his parents afterall- he could have been born to one of those