Monday, December 22, 2008

It's still Monday....

It's still Monday, and I am STILL at work..ha. I thought it would be slow today, but it seems everyone is at home needing to tend to their insurance needs. Therefore, I have been a very busy bee. In between calls Mike has checked in letting me know how Jude is doing at home. He said he hasn't had a seizure since the one he had early this morning, so that is a relief! The neurologist did call today, and they have decided to increase his meds at night from 4ml to 5ml. We are hoping this will decrease the remaining seizures. That's the one issue with this brain issue the seizures!!! They are so hard to control and there is no cure all for them.

So I had a nice lady email me today telling me the following:
"Reading your blog really helps because Jude's prognosis is similar to the one we've already been given for baby Hope." {she is pregnant} That is what I wanted this blog to someone else. Even though we may not always hear what we want to for our children we can never lose hope. So I love her daughters name, and I think she is full of courage. Her email went on further, and I wrote her back telling her I would like to eventually post a video of Jude's seizures. I know that will be hard, but I also know they could TRULY help someone to diagnose their child, and get them early intervention. If it wasn't from my research on Jude and possible conditions I never would have known he was indeed having issues. I had watched some video's, and we then video taped him and took him to Cooks WITH the video. Baby seizures are not like adult seizures, but just as harmful.

I just talked with Em and she is going to see Christmas lights tonight with her dad. She was also telling me all about some crafts she made today, and her aunts house. I am anxious to see her little face.

Anyway, on another note my friend Sarah at work has been up to something for days. Well it turns out she was setting up a benefit for Jude in March.......SO SWEET!!!!! As stated before we are in a lot better position than others, but the medical bills do stack up. She organized a whole event with music, and nice. My friends have been great during this.

I am leaving for Missouri on Christmas to see my family, and most likely will not be able to blog. So let me go ahead and say that I would like everyone to have a very blessed Christmas. Hug your babies tight, and be thankful.

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